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5 Ways GoogleHome Has Changed Our Lives

It's no secret that we live pretty busy lives. With twins and very demanding work schedules, we are always looking for ways to make our lives a little bit easier. The best thing we purchased for our home was a GoogleHome Assistant. In the beginning, it was a fun little gadget that we asked silly questions to. But now that we have kids, it's been a game changer. So much so that we purchased 2 more, and now have three in different areas of our home.

Today I'm going to break down exactly how we use our GoogleHome as new parents, and show you just how much it has saved our lives.

1. Hey Google, what time is it? Seems like such a simple question, and an easy thing to just look down at your phone for. However, when there are zero clocks in your home and you don't know where you left your phone last, this is the quickest & easiest way to get the time. With the girls being on such a strict schedule, it's critical to know the time so you know how long they've napped and when their next feeding is.

2. Hey Google, "Down Time". Our family thrives on routine. Literally thrives. So when it's bedtime for the girls, we depend on our GoogleHome Assistant to make everything run smoothly. In the beginning, we would say all the commands separately. Then we programmed a routine using the GoogleHome app, where it is custom fit to our needs. All we have to do is say, "Hey Google, down time" and it will automatically play THIS playlist, dim both our lights in our bedroom, turn on the girls' night light & adjusts the temperature to 21 degrees. What a time to be alive!

3. Hey Google, "Play Elmo's World on Living Room TV" When there's a high demand for Elmo in your home, there is no time to be fumbling with the remote to try & look for the episodes. We've paired our televisions to our Google Home so that you can tell it what to play on Netflix. It will just keep playing right where you left off, so there is no thinking involved.

4. Hey Google, "What's the traffic like on the QEW right now?" Being an entrepreneur means I'm often running out to meetings all over the city. Now that our lives revolve around babies schedules, I need to know how long my commute will be so I know what time I should leave. Google will update me on live traffic conditions, warn me of any accidents and provide alternate routes. I can even send directions directly to my phone, so there is no guess work when I hit the road!

5. Hey Google, "Send a WhatsApp message to Jessica" One feature I was super impressed with was that you can send messages via WhatsApp. So I can dictate a message to my boss while folding my girls' laundry - talk about multitasking.

So there you have it - 5 ways I use the Google Home Assistant to make my life easier as a new mom. Tell me, how do you incorporate technology into your home? Comment down below!

Thanks for reading!


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