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As the warmer months are approaching, we are starting to prepare for our big backyard update. This will officially be the first 'major' upgrade to our home, which we are so excited about!

The old deck was rotting and definitely has seen better days. And truthfully, the design of it was all wrong. The handrail situation was very aggressive for a deck being just 12" off the ground. While inside, you felt like you were in a giant crib. And the DIY pergola/sun shade was unsafe and broke 2 days after we moved in.

Patio Before: Good from afar, but far from good.

A closer view of the rotting deck. Gotta love the real estate staging to try and hide it all lol

I definitely won't be missing the unnecessarily-tall handrail!

Here is the Proposed Plan! We are bringing the patio area right to the ground, with square-cut stone in varying sizes. We chose this gorgeous stone from Niagara Block, I'm so excited to see it come together!

Inspiration: An open space where I can watch my girls play, do a little bit of gardening and check emails in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. I'm so excited to really utilize this space, I know it will become an extension of our living area. We will be either building or purchasing a pergola for extra shade, as the backyard gets a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day. With natural textures and comfortable furnishings, I know this space will be used well into the end of Fall.

Keep an eye out for updates on my Instagram Stories! I will be documenting the entire process so make sure you follow along!

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Happy New Year! It's been a while! So much has changed since I've last blogged. Do people still read blogs anymore? Regardless, I've made a point to try and document these exciting times ahead!

This past year has provided some amazing opportunities both professionally and personally. Work has kept me busy, but at times I felt like I could barely come up for air. The ever-challenging work/life balance, am I right?!

Through the midst of all the craziness of 2021, my husband and I purchased our first fixer-upper, located in beautiful Welland, Ontario. It was a bit of a whirlwind process, as most real estate deals are these days. I actually didn't even see the house prior to making an offer! My husband went to go see it, we did a walk-through via Facetime with our realtor and put in an offer that same night. A few days later, we were the proud owners of a 26-year-old semi-detached home, located on the cutest cul-de-sac. We immediately saw its potential, and thankfully most of the upgrades are simply cosmetic.

We finally settled in nicely after a very stressful moving day (pro tip: moving with twin toddlers is not ideal: 10/10 would not recommend!). In short, my husband had to rip out a freshly-painted wall in order to fit our sofa down the stairs to our second-level Family Room. Have you ever been buried in boxes while trying to clean up drywall dust, all while trying to manage two curious 3- year-olds? Not ideal.

Just casually ripping out walls on moving day!

But overall, we chalked this up to a happy accident as it allows so much more light down in what would have been a pretty dark staircase. Once we rip out the carpeting and replace the flooring, we'll have professionals install a handrail and metal spindles within the new opening.

Staircase Inspiration

Here are a few more photos of the rest of the home pre-renovation so you can see what we're working with! Pretty much everything is original and the home was built in 1996. Our plan is to modernize the finishes yet keep a realistic sense of living and maintain functionality throughout the home. It's lacking storage in many areas so lots of custom millwork will be installed strategically! The overall aesthetic will be warm but sophisticated, and will always respect the practical needs of family living.

Here are a few more images that have inspired me recently!

So here is our highlight of 2021! I am so excited to share the renovations of our little fixer-upper. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to catch all of the behind-the-scenes!

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It's that time of year again! The $6 Million Dollar Grand Prize Oakville Showhome is up for grabs, and I couldn't be more thrilled. As a Designer, I always get excited to see what Brian Gluckstein has come up with year after year. I love scanning each image, relishing in every detail most people wouldn't even notice. Gluckstein Design creates spaces where you lose yourself in imagining your new extravagant life, relaxing and enjoying these beautifully-designed rooms.

Today I'm going to share just a few of my favourite areas in the Oakville Showhome, and highlight some of the gorgeous design details that just cannot go unnoticed!

Stair Hall

This is a gallery wall-lovers dream! My black and white obsessed heart just sings when I see this photo. Each frame is meticulously placed on this curved, grandiose wall. I absolutely love the natural light pouring into this stairwell, an area that oftentimes gets neglected with light.

Contrast Door Trim

What an absolutely brilliant way to highlight each entry into every room. I love the high contrast between the walls and door trim, and I especially love how the baseboards and crown remained light. I really hope to see more of this detail, it's just so sophisticated.

A Great, Great Room

Let's be real here, I chose this space for its lack of colour. This whole room speaks to me. I'm a neutralist at heart and I am not afraid to admit that. I also adore the traditional paneling in conjunction with the sleek lines of the furniture, the separate conversation areas but also how he married the two spaces together with the same sofas for continuity.

Stepped Kitchen Island

These Dekton countertops are stunning. I love the simple stepped profile and of course the waterfall detail on the sides. The table-height eating area is a little unexpected twist, and makes the island a little more visually appealing rather than one big piece of stone. This is such a smart way to incorporate Kitchen dining without a physical table impeding on the space.

Principal Bathroom

This Master Ensuite has such an understated quality to it, while still packing a lot of style. The added texture of the vanity doors, the interesting tile inlay, the stone picture ledge and of course, those stunning mirrored closets just reflect all the beauty of this space. The decorating & styling of this Bathroom is simplistic yet significant all at the same time.

An In-Home Spa Retreat It's not every day when you can say you're going downstairs to your Spa. But in this home, you can. Situated off the Home Gym, this space is a retreat like no other. Whether you hire a private masseuse, or simply use this space to hide from your children, this is an area of the showhome that is truly so unique.

And lastly. a spa isn't complete without a full steam shower, sauna and an Ensuite which is larger than most Toronto single bedroom condos. I love the curbless design, which allows the floor tile to run right through both the sauna & shower. This creates a truly seamless look.

Have you seen the Oakville Showhome yet? If so, what was your favourite space? Make sure to buy your ticket for a chance to win this beauty! The draw is on November 28th!

Thank you so much for reading and make sure to follow me on Instagram to see the latest in my design life!