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Happy Canada Day! Let’s all take a second to recognize this beautiful, amazing country we live in. I’ll be in Montreal this weekend, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing many Canadian flags proudly waving everywhere I look. There’s something about our national colours of red & white that create such a vibrant, fun & classic combination.

Below are some spaces that rocked Red & White colour schemes!


Here’s a playful Lake House bedroom that isn’t afraid of a little pattern. The red pops against the bright white walls, and the grey plaid rug ties it all together. Designed by Sarah Richardson Design


This is a perfect example of how colourful accessories & furniture can have a big impact on the overall design of what would normally be a pretty monochromatic space. Design by Sarah Richardson Design


I’m loving the simplicity of this cottage. The lacquered red chairs add a modern twist to the rustic vibes of this Dining Room. Photo courtesy of The Decorating Files

I hope everyone has a wonderful Canada Day! Put your feet up and enjoy the sheer beauty of this country!



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