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Dalmatian print is a trend that I’m seeing more and more everyday, in both Fashion & Home Decor. And I have to say, the more I see it, the more I love it! It’s fun, a little unexpected and adds the perfect pop of pattern to even the simplest room. It’s definitely a pattern that makes a statement, and lends itself to many different colour palettes.

I’m going to make the bold statement here and say that Dalmatian print is here to stay!

Below are some more spaces where dalmatian print was spotted!

Classy Clutter offers temporary decals in dalmatian print, which allows you to decide how many spots you’d like on your walls! Perfect for the control freaks!

Pattern play! Loving this subtle hint of dalmatian, mixed with botanical florals &  modern stripes! Photo cred: Makeup by TiffanyD

Are you a fan of Dalmatian print? Comment below & let me know if you think this is a trend that will stick around!



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