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#SalaganHome Family Room - Inspiration

Well, we're officially in the planning stages of yet another room makeover in our home. Because this Winter has been relentless, and I've been stuck inside and uninspired for what feels like 17 years now. I don't know what it is, but the more time I spend indoors the more I want to switch everything in my home.

The next space I'd like to tackle is our Family Room. We spend a lot of time here, as it's also doubling as our girls' play area right now. Complete with a PlayWithPieces Playmat, two Jolly Jumpers and an endless amount of toys. Most parents would think to hold off on upgrading all of their furniture at this point in their lives, considering our girls are still very young. However, a lot of our existing furniture isn't exactly child-friendly. Remember, we started out as condo people. More on that in an upcoming post!

For now, I'd like to share the overall vibe we'd like to achieve for this space. I always start by pulling together a fabric story. Here is a very basic scheme I pulled together, based on the items I currently have in adjacent rooms. I ordered THIS fabric for custom drapes, which I am so excited about! Adding drapery even when it's not necessary for functionality purposes is so important. It just adds another level of softness to the space, as well as added pattern & interest. I'm just loving the freshness of this scheme!

I'm definitely seeing a big shift in design these days with more bright, natural elements being introduced. Organic textures, greenery and soft colour palettes are just flooding my Instagram feeds these days and I am not mad about it! It's been so inspiring and refreshing so see!

Here are just a few spaces that sparked joy recently:

Image from Pinterest (Source: Unknown)

Image from LD Shoppe

So you can definitely see where the design is going. I'm so excited to freshen things up around here! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for a behind the scenes look!

Thanks for reading!


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