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Millwork Moment: Home Offices That Inspire

As many of you know, I've built my career designing millwork for several homes throughout the city. I have designed custom kitchens, baths & other various areas of millwork with budgets of all sizes. But there is just something about the Home Office, a place where we both live and work that always leaves me inspired. Whether they are a dedicated space or a little nook in your Bedroom, I love being able to carve out spaces for designated work areas. Today I'm going to share some of my favourite spaces both large and small that are both beautiful and practical.

1. Check Your Heights

I just love this neutral space created by Collective Studio here in Toronto. Rather than dropping the desk portion lower, which can instantly date the space - they carried the heights through for a consistent look. I love how there is dedicated shelving space for both books & decor, yet the area remains practical with proper lighting and ample desk space for a laptop.

2. Mixing Materials

I love the organic vibe of this space by Fraher Architects. The natural elements play so nicely against the softness of the pale grey paint. The desk portion is actually a live-edge piece of wood which integrates with the square panelling so beautifully. This is a perfect example of how to think outside of the traditional box when it comes to desk materials!

3. Double Purpose

This is actually a space I helped design last year, for Jessica Kelly Design. The client needed this room to serve two things: A home office and a bedroom for his son when he's in town. We suggested doing a murphy bed as it would serve both purposes. When not in use, the desk legs fold up and the bed comes down. It was the perfect solution for this tiny condo bedroom!

4. Hide It Away

If you find it difficult to keep a tidy & orderly desk, then perhaps concealing your office nook completely is a good solution. I love that by simply closing the folding doors, the entire workspace is out of sight, out of mind.

5. Hallway Pass-Through

Do you have some dead space between rooms? Why not incorporate some desk storage that serves as the family 'command centre'. This is a great space to file away some mail or check a quick email. Extra storage above allows for all of the unsightly things to be stored away, but the open shelving still allows you to quickly find the important stuff (ie; school permission slips!).

So there you have it! Those are just a few workspaces that have been inspiring me lately. They just go to show you that you often don't need a big dedicated room for an entire home office. A little planning and good design go a long way!

Tell me, do you have a small area in your home dedicated to work? Comment down below to share how you keep it all organized!

Thanks for reading!

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