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Hang 'Em High: Creative Ideas for Laundry Room Drying

I love designing Laundry Rooms! In recent years they've become the workhorse of our homes, bringing additional storage for both cleaning supplies and off-season items.

I'd say in every Laundry Room I design, the client requests a special area for air-drying their garments. Whether it's a simple rod or incorporated within the cabinetry, air drying your clothing extends their lifespan keeping them looking good for years.

Here are some of my favourite solutions when it comes to hanging your clothes.

  1. Retractable Rod A retractable rod is an excellent space-saving option. It can be installed on a wall or on millwork in the room. When not in use, the clothesline retracts back into a compact unit, freeing up space. This is a great solution for small laundry rooms or when you prefer to keep the clothesline hidden when not in use.

2. Wall-Mounted Drying Rack A wall-mounted drying rack is a practical and space-saving solution. It can be folded up against the wall when not in use, taking up minimal space. When needed, simply unfold the rack, and it provides ample hanging space for clothes to air dry. Look for racks that have multiple bars or hooks for hanging various items.

3. Built-In Hanging Rod Incorporate a built-in hanging rod into your laundry room's millwork. This can be done by adding a rod underneath a cabinet or shelf, or by creating a designated hanging area with a rod mounted on the wall. Make sure the rod is sturdy enough to support the weight of wet clothes. Adding hooks or additional rods at different heights can further maximize the hanging space.

4. Pull-Out Hanging Drawers A pull-out hanging drawer solution is an excellent way to conceal your hanging rods when they're not in use, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your laundry room. This will help maintain a cohesive look and ensure that the drawer blends well with the overall design of the room.

Remember, when installing any hanging solution, consider the weight capacity, durability, and accessibility of the chosen option. By incorporating these clever hanging features into your laundry room, you can efficiently dry clothes while optimizing the use of available space.

Thanks for reading!

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