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Being condo-dwellers for a while, we have never had a proper balcony which we fully utilized and loved. Our last condo had a balcony that was approximately 40′ long, and only 2′ wide (it wrapped around the length of our condo). It was basically useless, because the space was so long and narrow.

After we moved to Etobicoke, I was so excited to see that our new balcony was a much more livable size. A cozy outdoor space where 2 people can enjoy a cocktail, or a quiet place to read.

See below how we transformed a regular condo balcony into our own little urban oasis!

The trellis was constructed of 1″ x 8′ strips of wood, custom-made to size. Ready-made trellis’ were simply too small for the space. I love how these Ikea planters simply hook onto it, and are interchangeable.

We already owned this patio set from Canadian Tire, but added the decorative cushions (H&M Home) for a pop of colour.

Overall we are super happy with how this space turned out, and looking forward to spending many nights out here with a glass of wine (or six)!



Nautical interior design is the perfect way to make us feel like the ocean is always near. With elements such as watery blues, soft textures and creamy whites, it’s easy to relax in the comfort of your own home. This style is relaxed, uncomplicated and doesn’t feel too pretentious.

So put your feet up and check out my favourite nautical-inspired spaces!

This bedroom inspires me to spend a lazy Sunday curled up in bed with a good book! It’s bright & airy decor gives off a nonchalant, beachy vibe, while the graphic blue & white stripes on the duvet is a nod to traditional nautical flair. SOURCE

This space doesn’t necessarily scream nautical, but the layers of blues & whites are reminiscent to the water. The varying natural textures used in the space also add warmth & dimension. SOURCE

This space is quite nautical in a more literal sense, but the sleek lines of the furniture gives it a modern edge! SOURCE

This classic style can be be seen in not only home decor, but fashion and lifestyle pieces as well! Have a look at my top picks!



Welcome to Blog Post Numero Uno! By this point, I hope you checked out my About page and read a little bit about who I am and what I’m doing here. If you didn’t, well let me introduce myself!

I’m Elizabeth. Liz. Lizzo. Lizard, if you will. I’m a 30 year old Designer based out of Toronto, Ontario. I’m originally from Windsor, I am married, and live a pretty unassuming life in this big, awesome city.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Zitnansky Photography

I work as a Freelance designer, offering my services to multiple talented designers around the GTA. I absolutely love my job. I live to work. I’m what you call, a workaholic. Some of the Designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a regular basis are, Laura Hay Décor & Design, Jessica Kelly Design, Rebecca Hay Design and Amanda Forrest Design. Just to name a few! There’s something about working with powerful, driven women that is so inspiring to me. I love collaborating with other design professionals, bouncing ideas off of each other, working towards that end goal.

I’m still pretty fresh to this blogging world, but I’m excited to see what new & exciting adventures I can get myself into! I hope this becomes a place where I can share my life, as well as feature some of the hottest design trends in the coming years. Follow me as I feature new vendors, showcase the latest in Home Décor & Lifestyle, and cover several events throughout the city!



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