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Happy Canada Day! Let’s all take a second to recognize this beautiful, amazing country we live in. I’ll be in Montreal this weekend, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing many Canadian flags proudly waving everywhere I look. There’s something about our national colours of red & white that create such a vibrant, fun & classic combination.

Below are some spaces that rocked Red & White colour schemes!

Here’s a playful Lake House bedroom that isn’t afraid of a little pattern. The red pops against the bright white walls, and the grey plaid rug ties it all together. Designed by Sarah Richardson Design

This is a perfect example of how colourful accessories & furniture can have a big impact on the overall design of what would normally be a pretty monochromatic space. Design by Sarah Richardson Design

I’m loving the simplicity of this cottage. The lacquered red chairs add a modern twist to the rustic vibes of this Dining Room. Photo courtesy of The Decorating Files

I hope everyone has a wonderful Canada Day! Put your feet up and enjoy the sheer beauty of this country!



This weekend I stopped by KitchenAid’s newest & cutest pop-up Mini Market, showcasing their new Artisan Mini Stand Mixer. I was excited to finally check out this product first-hand, as it is KitchenAid’s first major stand mixer innovation in 30 years! The mixer has same power as the classic model, but is lighter and smaller. It boasts a 20% smaller footprint and is 25% lighter in weight!

With condos getting smaller and smaller these days, the real estate on our countertops is often compromised. The brand is targeting to Urban Millennials, who wish to invest in the notorious stand mixer, but don’t necessarily need the full-sized version.

In classic KitchenAid fashion, the Artisan Mini Stand Mixers are available in a variety of bright & fun colours. 

Never underestimate the power of Social Media! Post a photo of the KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer using the hashtag #MiniMoments for a chance to win a mixer! 

The design of the pop-up shop itself is bright, colourful & welcoming. It’s the perfect space for people to peruse & test out products, while enjoying complimentary drinks and snacks.

Although the pop-up shop in no longer open to the public, the mixers will be available very soon. You can find them at Hudson’s Bay, Home Outfitters and Best Buy. Go to for more information!



I have big news. I recently purchased my first romper. Riveting, I know. I was in Old Navy recently and grabbed this beauty from the rack, mistaking it for a dress. Once I realized it was a romper, I began to put it back, completely dismissing it from my life forever. But then something stopped me, and I thought ‘Why not?!’ The rest, is history. Just don’t ask me how I’ll go to the bathroom…

Here are a few of my favourite rompers I’ve been eyeing!

1.  Aritzia Babaton Keagan Romper    2. Loft Beach Striped Romper   3.H&M Jumpsuit   4.Zara Printed Jumpsuit   5. H&M Satin Playsuit



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